About us

REKA ART SPACE was established in 2002 in Petaling Jaya as a studio and art gallery that supported emerging artists and artists working at the periphery. Its aim was to expand the arena of participation in the visual arts by creating a space that was inclusive and supportive of difference. Workshops, art-classes and exhibitions were the mainstay of the studio, while the gallery hosted group and solo exhibition for young artists, many of whom have moved on to establish successful careers in the visual arts.

Today, Reka Art Space is based in George Town. It manages Pocketsize Productions – a Penang-based theatre company, and Sinkeh – a 9-room guesthouse with a space for the arts. It continues with its vision of being a laboratory for new works and a space for art education. Through its workshops, performances and talks, Reka Art Space aims to carve a role for itself as a significant and dynamic player in the George Town arts community.

Reka Art Space recent projects include A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui (2011), Sandpit (2012) and Pearls for the Picking (2013).

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A laboratory for NEW WORKS, a space for ART EDUCATION