Meet the the filmmaker, David Bradbury

Thursday, 4 September, 8:00PM at SINKEH, 105 Lebuh Melayu.

David Bradbury is one of Australia’s best-known and most successful documentary filmmakers. He has earned an international reputation as a filmmaker willing to go to extraordinary lengths for a cause, exposing political oppression and environmental vandalism. He has won countless international film festival prizes and been the winner of five Australian Film Institute awards and two Academy Award (Oscar) nominations (Frontline and Chile: Hasta Cuando?, on the brutal military dictatorship of General Pinochet). His latest film is My Asian Heart, a portrait of the photojournalist Philip Blenkinsop, who went to extremes to expose the human rights abuses and forgotten wars in southeast Asia.

David Bradbury at sinkeh v4


Dir. David Bradbury | Australia | 1979 | 54 mins

An account of the Vietnam War as seen through the camera of the Australian journalist Neil Davis. His footage of the conflict was seen nightly by millions. Vietnam was a television war, a war said to have been lost in the lounge rooms of middle America, and not on the battlefield. The film examines the ethical issues facing a man in the frontline who is not an active combatant (more than eighty newsmen were killed covering the war). Neil Davis – a courageous, humane news-cameraman who spent eleven years in the combat zone –discusses his experiences, and the film uses extensive footage taken by him and others. It makes for a compelling account of a war correspondent and a testimony to the horrors of war.

Honours ¶ Academy Award Nomination, Documentary, 1981 | John Grierson Award; Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1980 | IFACS – Hemisfilm Award, 1981 | Golden Athena, Athens International Film Festival, 1980 | Sydney Film Festival, Best Documentary, 1980 | First Place, Baltimore International Film Festival, 1980.


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