EXCERPTS FROM “Performing Anis”, November 2014

Excerpts from “Performing Anis or The Attempted Canning of An Octopus” by Leow Puay Tin

Read by Chee Sek Thim

Friday & Saturday, 28 & 29 November, 8:00PM at SINKEH, 105 LebuhMelayu.

Performing Anis or The Attempted Canning of An Octopus” is playwright Leow Puay Tin’s latest work. It is a piece of performance text developed from a workshop on research and documentation by Professor Mohd Anis Mohd Nor, that takes the audience through a series of text modules touching history, culture and identity using a classroom lecture as its format.

Scheduled for a full performance in Kuala Lumpur in February 2015, this text will be directed and performed by Chee Sek Thim. This 3 -month rehearsal process will be a laboratory for an experimental way of working which will involve the performer/director giving a series of “progress report performances” to a panel of proxy-directors who will provide necessary feedback.

Free admission. LIMITED SEATS! 

Contact +604-261 3966 or write to sheaufung@sinkeh.com to secure your seat.


Leow Puay Tin’s theatre texts and projects delve into the human psyche through the lives of individuals while experimenting with form and content. The latter includes the use of improvisation during performance, non-linearity, modular writing, the incorporation of songs and bits of text taken from various sources. She now heads the Department of Performance & Media at Sunway University in Malaysia.

Chee Sek Thim is theatre director who is known for staging productions that employ multiple performing art forms and in a mix of languages. His last production was Pearls for the Pickingin 2013, a movement-based performance devised from interviews with people living and working in George Town. Sek Thim founded and manages Reka Art Space, a George Town-based space for the arts that supports the production of new works, experimentation and training. He is also a member of Five Arts Centre.


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