A reading of Beth Yahp’s short story, In 1969


A reading of Beth Yahp’s short story

IN 1969 

by Chee Sek Thim with movement Improvisation by Aida Redza

Saturday 10 May, 8.00pm &  Sunday 11 May, 6.00pm

Set against the backdrop of Malaysia’s May 13, 1969 riots, recounts the moments before a prostitute gives birth to her child in a ditch as she hides from the gathering mobs. Her story, narrated by her child, is a gritty tale of survival and unrequited love with a man involved in politics.

In 1969 will be read by theatre director Chee Sek Thim, who directed two previous productions of the short story, in 2006 and 2007, produced by Five Arts Centre. This reading is accompanied by movement improvisation by leading Malaysian dancer/choreographer Aida Redza.

Limited to 35 pax. Contact sheaufung@sinkeh.com or call +604-261 3966 to secure your seat!

In1969 circular

Chee Sek Thim is theatre director who is known for staging productions that employ multiple performing art forms and in a mix of languages. His last production was Pearls for the Picking in 2013, a movement-based performance devised from interviews with people living and working in George Town. Sek Thim founded and manages Reka Art Space, a George Town-based space for the arts that supports the production of new works, experimentation and training. He is also a member of Five Arts Centre.

Aida Redza is a leading Malaysian choreographer and dancer whose works is known for its new and eclectic fusion style of contemporary dance with commitment to tradition and reinvention. Aida´s works are also known for their site-specificity, wherein, constructing the dance in the actual space, she draws her inspiration from direct contact with the natural environment.


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